Message Tab Overview

The Messenger tab is a powerful tool to stay in touch with your patients through several different platforms. This article will review practices on how to respond to the patient's messages, and they different purposes for their use.



Patients can correspond with you through the Messenger tab quite simply.  There are several ways they can contact you, be it via text message, webchat, or facebook messenger.  All of them feed in to messenger.  A little icon at the bottom of their message will indicate where the message came from.  These messages can be accessed here:

As you can see, All Conversations will contain messages received from patients across several platforms.  You can assign these messages to yourself, or other team members, and it will appear in the respective user's "My Conversations" tab.  Any messages that are taken care of an need no further action can be Archived.
To archive, or add team members to a chat, simply use these tools in the top right corner of the message.


Messaging patients back is as easy as texting someone using your computer.  Just fill out the message, and click send!  We recommend sending messages that are no more than 160 characters.  If you need to send a larger message, consider breaking them up and sending as several smaller texts.

The process is the same in responding across all platforms.  Be it webchat, text, or facebook messenger, simply fill out the text and click send.

Filtered Message Types

If you'd like to see what messages came from which sources grouped accordingly, use the Message Types option.

From here you can see messages filtered together as groups from each individual source.

Responding to Reviews

You can respond to Google reviews directly through Swell!  All you'll need to do is integrate you Google My Business account with Swell to access this feature.  Please click here if you'd like information on how to connect your GMB account.


Like any reliable messaging system, you need to have contacts to stay in touch.

Here you can access all contacts that have synced with Swell.  Keep in mind that we do not pull all of your patients off the bat.  We only pull patient's information on a daily basis according to which patients were seen that day.  Under all contacts you will see information such as the patient's name and contact info.  Which location they are associated with (if you have multiple), and icons letting you edit their info, block them, or delete the contact entirely.

Recent Invites

You can check to see if messages are going out using the Recent Invites tab.  These invites will have statuses to let you know what the patient did with the review invite they received.

Purple indicates the message was sent.  Orange, that the message was opened.  Yellow, that the review invite link was clicked.  Blue shows that the patient went through all previous steps and left a review.

Contact Groups

You can access Contact Groups here as well.  Contact Groups is a great tool to use if you'd like to send mass messages.  Click here to learn more about Mass Messaging.

Blocked Contacts

You can block contacts to ensure they don't receive messages in the future.  This can be used if you feel an appointment or meeting just didn't go well, or you feel someone might publicly leave you a bad review.  Simply block them using the middle button shown earlier in the article under "CONTACTS."

You can either block contacts, or patients can block themselves by responding "stop" or "unsubscribe" to your messages.

Import Contacts

As we mentioned earlier, we do not pull all of you contacts' information at once.  We pull them on a regular basis according to when they are seen.  If you'd like to ensure all of your contacts are in Swell, simply import them using the Import Contacts tool.  This ensures all of your contacts are present in Swell's system.  You can also import and add to groups if you'd like to send mass messages.  Click here to learn more about mass messaging.

If you have any further questions regarding the use of the Messenger tab, please don't hesitate to reach out and contact our support team, and a specialist will be happy to assist you.