Add Social Proof to Your Website with a Review Widget

Our embeddable review widget allows you to add compelling social proof to your website in minutes.

Social proof is a key ingredient in any website. Being able to see how others have valued an organization's products or services helps them make the decision to do the same. Our embeddable review widgets give you an easy way to display customer reviews on your website. 

To get started with embedding a review widget on your site, log in to Swell and navigate to Settings > Widgets.

We offer two different styles of review widgets that you can utilize for your website:

  • List
  • Carousel 

List Widget

The list review widget highlights your overall star rating and displays a sampling of recent reviews that you've received. 

Using the List Widget

  1. Log into Swell and navigate to Settings > Widget
  2. Select the display type. 
    1. Header: only displays the average customer rating and the number of reviews it is based on
    2. Reviews: only displays the list of customer reviews
    3. Both: displays both the header and review list together. 
  3. Define the review sites you want to pull from.
    1. Under the Sources heading, select either All or define a custom selection of review sites. 
  4. Define the criteria for included reviews.  
    1. Define the lowest star rating of reviews that you want included in the list of recent reviews. Note that this doesn't impact the average customer rating displayed in the header. 
    2. Select whether you want to populate the list of reviews based off of timeframe (e.g., the last month) or by pulling a set number of recent reviews (e.g., the last 5)
  5. Optional - Include a link to your Google My Business page. 
    1. If selected, a link to your Google My Business page will be included below the list of recent reviews. You can customize the text of the link along with the link color. 
  6. Generate the script and include in your website.
    1. Click the Generate Script button to create the code snippet. Include this code snippet on a page on your website to display the widget.