How Do I Block a Contact in Swell?

If you want to prevent an automated invite from being sent out to a contact there are a few ways to block them within Swell.

  • Contact Statuses:
    • Enroll

      Enrolling a contact will allow this contact to receive outgoing messages from an automation.

    • Unenroll

      Unenrolling a contact means they are no longer eligible to receive outgoing messages from an automation.

    • Block

      Blocking a contact will stop ALL incoming and outgoing messages from this contact.

    • Unsubscribed

      Unsubscribed contacts are contacts who have replied "STOP" and have opted out from receiving any text messages.

  • To block/unenroll an existing contact in Swell, navigate to the People tab > All Contacts, and then search for the contact you're looking to update. Under status, click the drop-down menu and select Unenrolled or Blocked. 
  • If you'd like to block/unenroll a recipient who has not yet been added as a contact in Swell, you can still block/unenroll them by going to the People tab > All Contacts > Add Contact. While you're adding the contact, you can select their status as Blocked or Unenrolled from the drop-down.

Add Unenrolled Contact-1

  • Unsubscribed Contacts
    • A user can voluntarily opt-out of Swell communications by replying, ‘STOP’, ‘UNSUBSCRIBE’, ‘CANCEL’, or ‘END’. This will block all communications from Swell at a carrier level, although the message may look like it has sent on our end. If a recipient replies with one of these keywords, we cannot re-enroll them in communications within Swell. To voluntarily re-enroll, they will need to reply 'START' or 'SUBSCRIBE'.