Can I Include Review Platforms Other Than Google in My Review Invite?

Toggling Review Sites and Private Feedback

Another way you can customize your review template is by directing reviewers to specific platforms where recipients can leave their feedback, such as Google, Facebook, or another platform you wish to use.

  • We strongly recommend including Google as one of these review sites so it can improve your analytics for your Google My Business page and your Google search ranking.

  • If you want to direct your reviews to just one platform, make sure that this review site is the only one selected within your Review Template. Click the toggle for "Send directly to review site" so that it is set to ON.
  • If you want to provide multiple options for which platform to leave a review on, you can follow the steps below:
    1. Navigate to Settings > Account Setup > Locations
    2. Click on the Edit button (pencil icon) > Request Reviews
    3. Paste the URL for the platform you'd like to include in the corresponding field. If the platform you wish to use is not included in this list, you can use the option to Add a Custom Review Link at the bottom of the page. 
    4. Click Save
    5. Now, Navigate to Review > Templates > Review Templates
    6. Click on the Edit button (pencil icon) for the template you'd like to update
    7. In your review template, you will now see the new review site you added as an available option. It will be greyed out indicating that it is currently disabled. 
    8. To enable this option, click the toggle for "Send directly to review site" so that it is set to OFF, and click on the newly-added option to enable it. Once enabled, it will no longer be greyed out. 
    9. Click Save
  • It is important to note that adding additional platform options for the recipient to leave a review on will create an additional step when clicking the review invite link. 
    We have found that limiting the number of clicks to leave a review can increase the likelihood of the recipient following through and leaving a review.
  • *If you are looking to increase your overall number of reviews, we recommend only directing recipients to leave a review on one platform. 

Private Reviews

  • Swell also gives an option to leave private feedback, by default.

    In Swell, these reviews will appear alongside your other reviews, but they will have a Swell logo next to them. 
    This feature is most commonly used for those who either don't have a Google or Facebook account but would like to provide feedback, or for those who would prefer to leave their feedback privately.
    *These reviews are intended to be private and therefore cannot be replied to, exported, or displayed on other platforms.

  • You can toggle this private feedback option off. To do so, open up your review template and click the toggle for Allow Private Feedback.

    • *We recommend keeping this option turned on for those who may not want to create a new Google or Facebook account to leave a review.