How To Install Webchat

Instructions for finding your Webchat Script in Swell to Install on Your Website

Obtaining the webchat script:

  1. You can find the script for installing it within your Swell account. To find it, navigate to the WebChat tab > Settings > WebChats

  2. Select "Show Script" for the webchat template you want to use. If you have not yet created a webchat template, you can do so by following the instructions in our help center article!

  3. Click Copy to Clipboard. This will display the code you'll need to install on your website.

Once you have your Webchat Script:

  1. Send it to your website manager to install the script in the body or footer of your website (depending on your website management software)
  2. For most website managers the script will need to be converted using a custom HTML element (WP coder plugin on WordPress for example)
  3. For Wix users, you can install Swell's webchat using these steps for creating embedded elements with Wix.