Send images, videos, and other files via text message

You can include links to a variety of files in your outbound messages

Supported Files

You can create rich, engaging messaging by attaching images, videos, and other documents to your outbound messages and message templates.

Images up to 5MB can be sent via MMS. These will display directly on the recipient's phone when they receive the message.

Other files and larger images up to 50MB can be sent as a link that the recipient can use to view/download the file.

Supported file types include: jpeg/jpg, png, gif, pdf, doc/docx, mov, and mp4.

Attach files to individual messages

To attach files to an individual message, select the Attach (paperclip) icon.


Select which type of attachment you'd like to add.


For embedded images, you will see a preview of the image in the message bar. Linked files will show a link icon with the name of the attached file.

Select Send to send your message with its attachments.

Note: Text must be included in the message when attaching large files. This protects deliverability for your message, as bare links may be flagged as spam.

Attach files to Message templates

Message templates are pre-built responses you can use in the Message module. You can find them in the Message module by selecting the three-dot menu > edit templates.

Images and files can be attached to these templates using a similar workflow. You can attach one embedded image and one linked file per template.


Please note that Review, Campaign, and Survey templates do not support linked files, but they do have configuration options that allow for embedded images in some cases.