What is The Campaign Registry (TCR) and why do I have to register with them?

The Campaign Registry plays a critical role in sending text messages through any software application.

What is the Campaign Registry? 

The Campaign Registry (TCR) acts as a central hub of information for sending text messages from a software application using a local phone number. TCR gathers information about organizations and the text messages they send and provides this information to US mobile carriers.  

Why do I have to register with TCR?

In an effort to reduce spam and scam text messages, US phone carriers established TCR to act as a reputation authority for companies sending text messages through local phone numbers. TCR verifies that entities attempting to send text messages using local phone numbers are legitimate entities sending messages for legitimate purposes. Starting August 31, 2023, organizations will be unable to send text messages through local phone numbers unless they've completed registration with TCR. 

What's involved in TCR registration?

TCR registration requires three basic types of information:

  • Information about your organization. This is used to verify your identity and establish that you are a legitimate business. 
  • Information about the messages you send. TCR uses this information to verify that you are sending messages for legitimate purposes and that you are following required practices.
  • Information about how you obtain opt-in from your customers or patients.  This is used to ensure that you are ethically obtaining permission from people to contact them via text message.

 How do phone carriers utilize this information?

Phone carriers monitor the information provided in your registration to ensure that:

  • Messages are being sent from the organization listed on the registration (consequently, you should always include your organization name in automated messages)
  • Messages are being sent for the purposes state on the registration. For example, if you specified that you were sending messages only for appointment reminders. 

If a carrier determines that your messages are out of compliance, you may experience message blocking.