Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for your organization

Leverage your federated identity provider to enforce a 2FA security policy with Swell

Use two-factor authentication (2FA) with Swell

Swell supports two-factor authentication (2FA) via federated identity providers. You can require all users in your organization to use a specified provider—either Google or Microsoft Active Directory—when logging in. 2FA with a Swell-managed username and password is not supported.

Please follow these steps to require 2FA for your team in Swell:

1. Confirm your identity provider with us

Contact your Client Success manager or our Support team and confirm the provider you wish to require for corporate identity, either Google Workspace or Microsoft Active Directory. Our team will configure your organization to require users to log in with the federated ID provider you specify. Learn more in our article: Log in with federated ID.

2. If applicable, update your security configuration to require 2FA

This step may already be complete and is typically handled by an IT administrator who manages your corporate identity management. Swell does not maintain or interact with these settings; please follow the instructions for your provider:

Google Workspace: Deploy 2-Step Verification

Microsoft: Secure user sign-in events with Microsoft Entra multifactor authentication