Log in with federated identity (Google, Microsoft)

Link Google or Microsoft identities to Swell for convenient enterprise security controls.

What is federated identity?

Swell's federated Identity feature allows a user's identity and authentication credentials to be shared between their Microsoft or Google account and Swell. This provides convenience to users as well as enhanced security by allowing organizations to centralize authentication processes.

Please note: Federated Identity is currently limited to new users only.

Users with existing Swell login credentials will not be able to utilize federated identity features until account linking becomes available. Please see below for more information on our roadmap for third-party authentication.

Require federated identity (and optionally 2FA)

Note: Requiring Federated Identity is currently an early access Enterprise feature available to newly onboarded customers. 

New Enterprise customers can configure their Swell account to require all their users to log in with a specific identity provider (Microsoft Active Directory or Google Workspace). When enabled, users invited to the Swell platform are required to use the specified identity provider during onboarding and whenever they log in.

This enables IT administrators to simplify and centralize account controls according to their organization's policies and preferences. For example, password length requirements, expiration timelines, and two-factor authentication (2FA) policies can all be managed via Microsoft of Google administrator tools. Learn more about enabling 2FA in Swell.

Invite new users with federated identity

When inviting a new user, the email the invitation is sent to must exactly match the email associated with their Google or Microsoft account, or login via federated identity will fail.

See our article Adding and Removing Users for more information. 


As of February 2024, all newly onboarded Swell users can take advantage of federated login.

Migrating existing users to a federated login is not yet supported, but will be available later this year. At that time, requiring federated identity will be generally available for all Enterprise organizations in Swell.

If your organization has pressing needs or concerns regarding federated identity, please contact your Client Success Manager or our Support team.

The following table summarizes the current state of availability for federated identity:

  Federated identity NOT required Federated identity required
New users May use Google, Microsoft, or Swell credentials. The federated email must match their user invitation email exactly. Must use specified login method (either Google or Microsoft).
Existing users Must use existing Swell credentials Must use existing Swell credentials