How Do I Update My Review Invites?

How to create a new review template or update an existing one

  1. Navigate to Review > Templates > Review Templates

  2. Click on the Edit button (pencil icon)

  3. Add a name to your template

  4. Import a custom logo or photo to send with your message

    • Swell can support JPEG and PNG images up to 5 MB. We also recommend not adding images that are much wider than they are tall, as they can sometimes appear cut off on certain devices.

  5. Insert your message (Example: Thanks for your business! We appreciate your feedback, so please leave us a review using the link below.

    • Please note, we recommend keeping this message under 110 total characters to help ensure your message is successfully delivered to the recipient. 
  6. Add a follow-up message (optional)

    • Follow Up Messages are reminders that are sent automatically to the recipient of the review request in case they didn't have a chance to leave a review. We recommend leaving this 'ON' and having it sent 1 day later. You can set as many follow-up messages as you like.

  7. Click Save

  8. You can now send this updated template to your clients to ask for a review!

Toggling Review Sites and Private Feedback

Another way you can customize your review template is by directing reviewers to specific platforms where recipients can leave their feedback, such as Google or Facebook. For instructions on how to make these changes, check out our help center article here!