Retiring an Older Version (V2) of Swell

Swell Version 2 will be unavailable March 31, 2024

After careful consideration and evaluation of Swell’s direction, we have decided to retire an older version of Swell (Swell V2) effective 3-31-24.

Old Experiencev2_example

This means most users will lose access to the old V2 experience of Swell by 3-31-24, and will only have access to the current version of Swell. As the most up-to-date version, it has the most robust feature set, and a more streamlined experience. You’ll be able to accomplish the same things in the latest version of Swell, plus a lot more, and in a more user-friendly environment. You can see some of our most recent updates here

New Experience

The decision to retire this older version was made as part of our ongoing efforts to focus on giving our customers the absolute best tools for gathering patient and employee feedback. 

Please reach to your CSM or our support team for more information.