How Do I Create and Send a Campaign (Mass Message)?

Two step process for sending a mass message or campaign. From uploading contacts to creating and sending the message.

If you would like to send a mass text or email, follow these instructions. It's a two-part process, but shouldn't be terribly difficult.  Please follow these steps in order.



*You don't always have to import groups to send mass messages. If you want to send future messages to the same group, upload them into a Contact Group. Make sure the Group is created before you import the contacts.

  1. Create a Contact Group by navigating to Contacts > Contact Groups > + New (optional but recommended)*

  2. Export a list of contacts as a CSV file from your management Software. If you don't know how to do this, please reach out to their support team.

  3. The file must include columns for Name, Email, and Phone number in that precise order, with no additional columns. Organize the CSV file so it matches that criteria.  Screen Shot 2022-10-27 at 8.59.18 AM

  4. In Swell, navigate to "People" > "Import Contacts."

  5. Upload the CSV file to Swell.

  6. Click "Review" under the Status column to look through the file to make sure there are no Line Errors.

  7. Select the Contact Group you created (*optional but recommended)

  8. Select a Location

  9. Click "Import Contacts."


PART TWO - Sending your Message

1. Creating a Campaign

    1. You can set up a Campaign to send to customers. This can be a multi layered campaign with different "steps". You can do so by clicking Campaign > New Campaign

    2. Select which location or locations this campaign is available for.
    3. Specify if you would like the "step" in the campaign to be an email or an SMS message.
    4. You can create multiple "Steps" then sequence these steps to send at different times by changing your Days of Delay located on the bottom left of each step.

  1. To send your campaign, go to People > Contacts > All Contacts

  2. Click the box labeled Groups and select the group you created in Part One from the drop-down that appears. (make sure the contacts are imported into the group first). 

  3. After filtering for contacts within the Group, Click the box labeled Status and select Enrolled from this dropdown. Now you will only see contacts within your Group who are enrolled in receiving communications from Swell.
  4. Click the arrow next to the check box at the top of the page. You will see some options to either select only contacts on this page (a maximum of 50) or select all matching contacts within the Group
    • To send the message to everyone in the Group, make sure "all matching contacts" is selected. Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 11.20.57 AM
  5. Once the contacts you want to send the message to have been selected, click Send
  6. When prompted, select your location and the Sequence template you created. You will have the option to either send the message now or schedule a time for it to be sent later.
    • If you want contacts who have already received another campaign message to receive this message as well, check the box that says "Override"Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 11.16.43 AM
  7. Click Send

The process looks long but isn't very hard, we promise. :)