Webchat Overview

Learn about our Swell Webchat

Our WebChat feature give your client-base a way to reach out via your website if they want to live chat with someone from your business.


What is the WebChat?

The WebChat feature is part of our new all inclusive package. It simply puts a little customizable chat bubble on the bottom right of your business' website.


From here, customers fill out some information, such as their name and phone number, and send a message starting a live chat.  No need to rush in response though.  If the customer steps away from the computer, by entering their phone number they can be notified by text when they receive a message.  


The conversation will be SMS based.  However, a prompt response always reflects positively on a business.


How do I install the WebChat feature on my Website?


It's quite simple, really.  Within Swell, you can access a script or code, that will put the WebChat feature on your website.  It's already configured, so all you need to do is copy and paste it into your website's code.  Your web team or webmaster, whoever runs your website, will know exactly what to do with it.  Just send them the code and let them know it's for a WebChat feature you'd like to add to the site.

You can learn how to find this webchat script in Swell by following the steps in our Help Center article here!


How will people know to use the WebChat?


The first three times that a customer visits your website after installing the feature, a message will pop up with the default message "Hello! Do you have any questions I can help with?"


How can I respond to WebChat messages?


You can respond either through the WebChat tab, or the Messenger tab in Swell.  You can even categorize them between All Conversations, Unread Conversations, and Conversations that have been assigned to you, as shown below.  Just fill out a response and click send!